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The Nike Jr. PhantomVNM Elite FG is engineered for powerful, precise strikes that win games. Ridges on the instep help create spin to control the flight of the ball. Flywire cables and a firm-ground plate provide the stability and traction needed to unleash at any moment.


  • Synthetic construction is lightweight and durable with Flywire cables to lock down your foot.
  • Instep ridges help create spin for precise, powerful strikes.
  • Microtexture is molded into the toe and forefoot for advanced ball control.
  • Foam pods wrap your heel for plant foot stability.
  • Lining inside the cleat helps keep your foot from slipping around.
  • Firm-ground plate provides traction on natural-grass pitches.
  • Shown: Black/Metallic Vivid Gold
  • Style: AO0401-077
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